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Kotor Episode's I - III and IV - VI

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Birth dvd release is April 22, 2010
For those who live in Harker Heights, I will personally give you a DVD of Kotor Episode I Birth of a Hero on April 22nd. Those who helped me out and gave a little of there time will get a special edition version with updated content. The special edition for DVD will release on May the 3rd.
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4 scarletguard  
Might it be the Kuat Engineering website that you're looking for?

If you actually want to have a sizable fanbase, you'll want to post a link so folks can download each of your movies as one file.

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3 Darth-Anakin  
uh huh you got it right

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2 brandon-the-nerd  
So do i still get a special edition copy then? I'm just checking because you said that I can. I think that was during history.

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1 Darth-Anakin  
For those who live in Alabama or the UK, I will add the parts to the fan film website of star wars. Go on wookieepedia and type in fan films. You will get a number of search engines, click keydonengineering or something like that, I forgot wacko . You could do that or go on google and type in youtube downloader and install a free version and download the parts and burn them to a disc cool

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